Lorain County 2020

My priorities for putting Lorain County Families first

  • Economic & Job Growth
  • Fiscal Accountability
  • No more tax increases
  • Protect our Farmers
  • Fix our Emergency 911

As your next County Commissioner I will bring a calm, steady and reliable work ethic to the people.

  • Experience in City Government.
  • Experience in consensus building.
  • Experience in passing legislation important to the residents.

Dear Friends,

               If elected, I will bring honesty, compassion, and integrity to the Board of Commissioners. My opponent has been in office for 16 years, and she has failed to champion projects that are important to the residents. My opponent has supported multiple tax increases without public support, and she went against the voters wishes with her vote to increase the sales tax in 2016. This increase has resulted in spending with no improvements in services. This is evidenced by the ongoing chaos being reported at Lorain County Emergency 911. The residents are ready for a change in leadership at the Lorain County Commissioners office.


I am married (15 years) to my husband Jeff who works for Sherwin Williams. We have one daughter, age 11. I am involved in the following community organizations: N. Ridgeville Rotary Club, Lorain County Chamber of Commerce, N. Ridgeville Chamber of Commerce, Fraternal Order of Police Associates Lodge A28, Proud sponsor of the N. Ridgeville Hotstove baseball team the “Rangers” and a Member of St. Peter’s Church

Michelle Hung For Lorain County

Our time is now in 2020

I am fired up and ready to represent you with honesty and integrity. You expect representation that manages your tax dollars wisely and doesn’t come to you with their hand out every time they can’t balance the budget. I am the only candidate that represents fiscal responsibility, hard work, budget & department reviews, listening to you and scheduling meetings at times the public can attend. Government shouldn’t be expanding; it should be shrinking. I can bring the energy, drive & hard work that can win for you in November.

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Lorain County 2020